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One of the best Portable Bars For Sale today, the Professional Portable Bar features an LED light system with 133 possible color combinations and full customization of the color printed panels on the front and sides. This Portable Bar also folds to only 14″ for storage and can be easily wheeled around by one person.

Portable Bars For Sale: 6 Party Benefits

For many people who do not throw parties regularly, it may not seem practical to get portable bars for sale.  However, when you consider that it can provide all the essential elements needed in any mobile cocktail bar, it seem to be worth every buck you put into it.  Some people may even consider this as the start of a potential business career in the world of supplying party planners the things they need for drinks and refreshments.


Even those who are involved in the bar business or own a catering company will be able to reap rewards from the immense benefits of portable bars.  For bartending enthusiasts who have the vision of securing their financial future or putting up their own business, it can deliver high profit levels.  To be able to make a clearer decision on whether or not to purchase portable bars, you need to consider the various benefits.


1.     Ideal for different sizes of parties.


It does not matter if you are having 15 or 500 guests; many of the portable bars for sale are flexible enough to deliver the needs for refreshments.  When going into the business, you need to consider getting professional and friendly staff members that can show ample hospitality to guests.  You can just imagine how your guests will feel when they think you went all out in preparation even if it is just a small group.


The beautiful thing about portable bars is that although they can be adequate to service different types of parties, the cost does not vary too much, making it more affordable for you.  And because it is portable, you can set it up in virtually any part of the party venue without having to worry about taking up too much space or being in the way of guests.  For personal or business use, these types of bars can serve plenty of purpose.


2.     Excellent cocktail list.


When you pair the portable bars for sale with an excellent cocktail list, you have the making of an instant party hitParty hosts can understand that serving the wrong type of drink or having limited options for your guests can nip an excellent party in the bud in no time.  If you have spent enormous time and effort in the preparation of the party, it can be very frustrating to have your guests leave before the party ends.


With portable bars, serving various types of unique and creative cocktail drinks would be a breeze.  It does not matter whether it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic, everything that you will need to prepare every drink order and request will be under the bar.  Serving up to 500 guests will not be a problem and you can ensure that drinks will keep on flowing until the party is done.


3.     Beautiful glassware.


Many of the portable bars for sale come bundled with beautiful glassware to make serving cool, unique, and interesting drinks easier.  Having these types of glassware will also let your guests know that they are being served by a professional.  Those who understand wine and spirits know that there is specific glassware associated with different types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  Serving the drinks in the wrong glass can make it look less appealing.


There are some parties that require usage of plastic cocktail glassware like outdoor or sporting events.  However, this does not mean you have to contend with simple and cheap plastic cups that are bought from the grocery stores.  This may be adequate for beer, but definitely not the right way to serve wines and special spirits.  You can stock up with the right type of glassware with your portable bar.


4.     Themes and decorations.


One good thing with a portable bar is that you can actually use it in any type of party atmosphere.  Because it is small enough, it will not take much to decorate it and let it blend in with the other essentials of your party venue.  Regardless whether it is a simple cocktail party or a themed party, it is so easy to make the bar stand out or keep up with the motif of the celebration.


Party hosts can even push it one step further by opting for glassware, napkins, and serving trays that go with the theme of the partySpecial drinks can be mixed and named to go with the overall celebration theme.  If you have a Hawaiian theme for example, you can ask for tropical drinks, or if the party is intended to launch a company product, you may want to have drinks that complement the event.


5.     Stock up on alcohol and liqueurs.


With such a handy bar at your disposal, there is no need to stock alcohol, liqueur, and other supplies in crates or boxes where they can be accidentally tipped and broken by guests.  Although not as big as a full-sized bar, having the alcohol and liqueur bottles arranged on the bar can be extremely easy regardless of the venue.  This type of setup also makes it very easy to make and serve drinks regardless if they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic.


Sometimes party hosts have specific types of alcohols or wines that they want to be served to their guests.  Their favorite brand of beer, wine, or even champagne for that matter, but more importantly, they want their guests to know what they are drinking.  There is no better way to do this than to have the bottle itself displayed in plain view of all the guests.  You can also do this for juices, mineral water, and soft drinks.


6.     Beautifully printed menus.


For those who are dead serious in maximizing the potential benefits of a portable bar, you need to carefully consider having beautifully printed menus made out.  There are a number of adept printers that can create beautifully styled and functional menus to better enhance the presentation of your portable bar.  Having a ready menu will limit the number of times guests of the party would have to ask what is available to drink.


By having the menu in plain sight, the guests simply have to browse over it and order the type of drink they want.  Owners of portable bars should consider having two sets of menus ready to help them cope with any type of event.  One menu is the standard, while the other is reserved for specialized events.  Because of the importance of displaying menus, check portable bars for sale if they have a specific portion where menus can be placed.


These are six extremely good benefits to consider when buying portable bars.  Just make sure that if you are buying portable bars for sale to start a business, commit to learn so you can earn.